Good Decisions of the Rich and Famous

I have a confession to make.  I have a fondness for over-the-top invective, whether its Hunter Thompson writing about the mendacity of Richard Nixon, Matt Taibbi railing against the weasels of Wall Street, or Lewis Black talking about the human bad leisure suit that is Rick Perry, I love a good rant.

So when I saw the headline “Bourdain Breaks Silence on Deen”, my first thought was a rather guilty, “Oh, this is going to be good!”



But, I have to say, the usually cutthroat Bourdain was appropriately measured in weighing in on the recent implosion of fellow food personality Paula Deen.  In fact, he was more critical of the companies which built her up, while she was peddling an unhealthy brand of eating, only to cut her loose the minute her public image came under heavy fire.

Bourdain could have easily piled on or come off as a gloating thug.  Instead, he showed a sense of decency and saved his fire for a more appropriate target.  It might not get a lot of media play, but it’s the sort of response that should serve as an example to those public figures who let loose with the kind of comments that boomerang back on their image.


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