If you care about journalism, give this a read…

As an update to my last post, I had to share this great piece by the always on-target Charlie Pierce.  

He raises an interesting perspective on the danger of shield laws for journalists and then seals the deal with this final graf, about which I can only say “Amen, brother Pierce.  Amen.”

“It has been argued — and, occasionally, by me — that the worst thing that ever happened to journalism was that it became the professionalized province of the educated. (Rep. Marcy Kaptur once went round and round with me on this regarding modern political journalism’s disdain for organized labor, and she was right.) There are far too many people right now in Washington who are far too comfortable in being a de facto part of the country’s power structure. Their profession is not mine. Let me be quite clear. If you accept the Congress’s right to define what a journalist is, you are a miserable traitor to the profession you presume to practice. You have, quite simply, become something less worthy than an informer, something lower than a jailhouse snitch. I’ll leave it to my man Chuck Todd to take the king’s shilling. Me? I’ll stand with the 17-year old and his own website, and, with all the faith I ever have had in my constitutional right to do so, we both will tell Dianne Feinstein to fk off, thank you. Stuff your privilege. I have my rights.”


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