Jim Langevin

Langevin Record — Download (.PDF)

This was a brochure/mailer sent out to voters highlighting the first year accomplishments of Secretary of State Jim Langevin.  Jim had run on a campaign of transforming this under-utilized office into “the people’s partner in government”—an office that could serve as the centerpiece of making basic records easily available to the public at a time when the Internet was transforming the way people access information.


MerrollaSteve Merolla 

Merolla — Download (.PDF)

Steve Merolla was a first-time candidate for City Council in Warwick, running as a Democrat in a traditionally Republican Ward.  As someone who had grown up in the neighborhood, Steve focused on controlling the pace of development, which was a real concern in this particular community.  Steve won that election.



Bob Cushman

Bob Cushman — Download (.PDF)

Bob was a first-time City Council candidate and this was the introductory piece I put together for him, a large one-fold brochure.  The front cover was the photo of the children and the copy, designed not to immediately reveal itself as a political flyer.

Bob won that race.



Patrick Butler

Butler — Download (.PDF)

This was a traditional campaign flyer which was the last piece sent out in a race between a political newcomer and a well-entrenched incumbent who was more of a wheeler-dealer than someone who really understood the day-to-day concerns of his constituents.  In our final direct mail piece, Impact Communications had emphasized his role as a family man who understood the challenges facing his neighbors.  This was meant to be a heart-warming “seal the deal” kind of piece.  Patrick won.



Rhode Island Public Interest Research Group (RIPIRG)

RIPIRG — Download (.PDF)

This was I piece I wrote while working at the RI Public Interest Research Group, a consumer and environmental affairs advocacy organization.  It was sent to contributing members, legislators and media members.



Providence Journal Commentary

ProJo Commentary — Download (.PDF)

This is an op-ed I wrote for the Providence Journal after the disputed 2000 national election, highlighting the fact that RI’s move to optical scan voting machines under Secretary of State Jim Langevin had helped our state avoid the horrors of hanging chads and dimpled chads.



Whitewater piece

Whitewater — Download (.PDF)

I also did this piece at FH/GPC for a client who was offering a college planning consulting practice.  The consultant happened to have cartoonist Don Bosquet as a neighbor and he did an illustration for the piece which became the front cover of the brochure.


PerryRhoda Perry 

Perry — Download (.PDF)

Rhoda was a first-time candidate running for State Senate on the East Side of Providence.  I wrote this introductory brochure to highlight her active role in the community and record of speaking out on issues of concern to area residents.  Rhoda won.


Middletown Standard

The Middletown School

Middletown Standard — Download (.PDF)

The Middletown School Superintendent wanted a newsletter that could be sent to parents and local officials highlighting news in the district.  I designed and wrote the articles for this piece.


TF Green

City of Warwick

Warwick TF Green — Download (.PDF)

This was a promotional piece I did for the City of Warwick’s “Stay Park and Fly” program while working at FH/GPC O’Neill.


BayukBruce Bayuk

Bayuk — Download (.PDF)

Bruce Bayuk ran for State Representative as a write-in candidate against then Speaker of the House John Harwood.  It was unique race, featuring a political newcomer taking on a well-entrenched politician.  The challenge was to introduce this candidate to voters, while also educating them about the write-in process.  This was an educational piece, demonstrating the steps necessary to cast a write-in vote for Bayuk.

Bayuk came within 134 votes, shocking the RI political establishment.


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